Never wear the same dress twice.

Buy, sell, and share dresses with other girls in your community.

How It Works

Snap a few photos of your gently-used dresses and upload them to the site, along with a resale price. Receive an email when someone is interested in your item. Decide how you'd like to exchange the goods (either in person or shipment by mail). Make the exchange and earn some cold, hard cash.

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Local People

We understand that you've got a lot going on. Perhaps it's the day before a big event and you realize you have nothing to wear. Fear not! Narrow down your search by people in your area. Set up a meeting point with the seller and viola! Finally your procrastination doesn't work against you.

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VIP Service

Prefer to leave the selling up to us? Sign up for our VIP service! Ship us your items and we'll take care of the rest. Then sit back. You'll receive a check in the mail once your item has been sold.

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